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Emotional benefits of Singing

Emotional benefits of Singing:

We come across many people who are always looking for ways and means to encourage themselves  to face life ,and believe me you would be surprised to know that singing helps us to motivate our self and increases a positive feeling from within.

Singing in front of a group helps in Increasing self esteem and confidence.

Singing makes a person happy and enhances the feeling of well being.

It is said that Singing enhances a person’s mood too.

Singing to our self reduces stress, as while singing we concentrate less on the issues that are creating a negative effect on our mind.

Singing promotes a positive feeling in life.

People say that when they sing they feel more creative and express themselves better in songs than in plain speech.

Singing can be energizing too.

When we share our thoughts and feelings through songs to the one we love we create a strong bonding that makes us emotionally more attached to the one we love.

Singing shows an exposed side of different cultures and, we gain knowledge of many different cultures and backgrounds.

Singing is the most trusted emotion that is capable of healing.

Also apart from emotional benefits, there are few surveys based on singing that has effect people’s social life too.

Many say that when they join a singing group they get a chance to meet new people, and make more friends it brings people from all walks of life together, and encourages a sense of community. We all agree that when we have someone noticing us we try to work hard and ensure that we are paying attention too, so this way we get a chance to receive a positive feedback from a group or friends. And not only singing, trust me these groups can be a lot of fun too and we get a chance to share and laugh together, so Why not give it a try!

How To Sell Your Art Online

Art is a talent that should be shown to the whole world. The only problem is getting it seen when there are so many others who are equally good. Luckily, there is the internet that provides various ways of advertising and selling your art online. The following are ways of doing it:-

Art Galleries
While there are only a handful of good art galleries available, they are still a perfect place to get your art on the front line. Art lovers access most of their favorite pieces online which is why you should not waste any time finding one and signing up. The number one popular online art platform is Saatchi Art where buyers have options of narrowing down their search to find what they are looking for. In fact, Daniel Mullen, a very famous artist from Amsterdam has made sales on this site by selling over 30 paintings.

Crowd-funding websites
This is especially for those artists who have no funds for their projects like art and what have you. On crowd-funding sites, you ask for funds to sell your art in exchange for a reward. An example is where a graduate from Duncan of Jordan, Ellis O’Connor was able to raise over $1000 towards her Northern Isles Expedition. Kickstarter is a good example of a crowd-funding website used by many artists. Once your project is up on a crowd-funding site, the next job is to spread the word. Take advantage of your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ask your friends to tell their friends about your project. You never know, your luck may just be in the hands of one of the sharers out there.

Online Art Marketplace
Although the commission got from online marketplaces is little, it is still worth a try. The advantage of this option is that you get to build direct bonds with those interested with your work. Actually, small arts do really great on online marketplaces like Etsy and Folksy.

Do it yourself
The last option is to sell your art yourself. A great way of doing this is by building a WordPress site or designs your own simple website by using tools like Squarespace. In addition, you can set up your own website where you put your art pieces as you look for market across the web. Actually, many artists have incorporated and embraced this.

Benefits of selling art online
The number of online users continues to grow every day. These benefits are as follows:-

1. There are literary millions of online users logged in everyday providing a great market to sell art. Compared to other options like television, online platforms are very cheap and very efficient for that matter.
2. It saves a lot of time. The process is usually very easy and anyone can do it without help.
3. It is also easy to answer customer queries from online stores than physical stores. In addition, many of these sites are of independent artist who will offer superior customer care.
4. The Online market has a variety of pieces of art which are of different tastes and styles therefore giving buyers a wide range to select from.
5. It helps you save money because you don’t involve a broker since most of the times you are able to buy it directly from the artist.
6. It provides financial security since you buy it from these credible sites which are owned by the artists.

Selling online is something that every artist should adapt to. The advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages and the fact that even established artist uses it gives you no excuse not to try selling your art online.

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