My Last Mistake
12 Dec 2009Doctor/Rose Video - The Heart Never Lies
Categories: Doctor Who
Doctor/Rose - The Heart Never Lies - **incomplete**
This is the first part of the song, I don't know if in the future i'll complete the video...so...

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20 Oct 2009Lea's BFF joins the cast of "Glee"!
Categories: Glee, Real Life Shipping
I admit, when people were freaking out because Jon Groff was joining "Glee", there was only one thing I could think of - who the eff is Jon Groff?

But, since then, I have done some research, and I have found out that he is Lea's costar from Spring Awakening and her BFF in real life (seriously, she mentions him constantly on her Twitter, it's really adorable though). I also found out that Finn and Rachel's make out scene was totally stolen an homage to Spring Awakening. Check this out:
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08 Oct 2009How did I miss this?
Categories: Barney/Robin (HIMYM)
I read HIMYM spoilers religiously, and I can't believe I didn't know about this!

Doesn't that totally look like Barney and Robin are going into couples' coma? biggrin
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29 Sep 2009Castle Storyboard - 2x01 - Deep in Death
Categories: Castle/Beckett (Castle)

You're afraid that if you look in to your mother's death, that you will go back down that rabbit hole and lose yourself again.
But it's different this time. We have good leads. We have strong leads. And you won't have to do it alone. We can do it together.

What if i don't want To know? Did you ever think of that? What if i'm not ready?
What if the idea of catching my mom's murderer and then having to sit there and watch as he cuts some deal that puts him back out on the street in ten years makes me nauseous?
You dredged up my past for you, castle, not for me. And you're too selfish to even see it.
The case is closed, Castle. We made a deal, and i expect you to honor it.

I'm sorry. What i did was wrong.
I violated your trust, I opened old wounds and i did not respect your wishes.
And if we're not gonna see each oth again, then you deserve to know...I'm very, very sorry.
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26 Sep 2009I believe you, Carter!
Categories: Gossip Girl
From next week's Gossip Girl:

They need to make Carter a regular as soon as possible, y/y? I think they definitely found Serena's "Chuck". DNW Dan/Serena again, show.

Plus, here are some stills from the episode, which I found at vdv_baizen
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24 Sep 2009This is the first time I've found them cute in a LONG time
Categories: Edward/Bella (Twilight)
Wow. That title is LONG.

Anyway, some pics came out from People Magazine's special New Moon issue, and this is cute! This is the most Bella-like Kristen has ever looked.

At the source you can find some other scans from the issue, including a J/B picture where Kristen's bitch!face is back. Sigh. It was good while it lasted.

BTW, is it just me or is the second comment totally mean? Poor bb Taylor.
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22 Sep 2009Freudian Slip? I think so.
Categories: Sheldon/Penny (The Big Bang Theory), Say WHAT?

This is why CBS is my favourite network (well, this and the BroTP shipping videos). The promo for next week's episode of The Big Bang Theory (you can only see it if you're in the US, if you aren't go here and it should work) is all about how L/P can only have sex when they're drunk and... I don't know, I don't pay attention to L/P, really. Anyway, they're throwing up all over the place and their relationship is SO SO BAD... so obviously THEY are the ones the description is talking about, but guess what? Someone at CBS has apparently forgotten that they're supposed to be pimping L/P, and wrote Sheldon's name instead of Leonard's!

And since we're here, here's the description for episode 3...
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21 Sep 2009Stephen Moyer, don't make me like you!
Categories: Eric/Sookie (True Blood)
Oh Stephen... you have a sucky souther accent and a tendency to share too much about your sex life, but sometimes you can be really smart!

So, are you threatened by the huge Sookie/Eric fanbase that is out there, that wants them together?
I think that… I mean, I love Alex and, you know, he’s unfeasibly tall, which is not such a good thing [grins]. But Alex is great and they’ve got great chemistry. The show works on triangles and stuff going wrong. And whenever we see a couple together, you’re then wondering about what it would be like to see those two together, and I think that that’s absolutely natural in drama. And if you go to any series, they’ve done that all the time in any dramatic series, and I’m aware that that is part of it.
transcript by EricNorthman.net, click here for the video!

BTW, Ausiello ships E/S! It's completely obvious.
But, on to more important things: Stephen's hair... it totally should be darker, y/y?
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20 Sep 2009A bit of old fashioned squeeing
Categories: Peter/Olivia (Fringe)
These two. Aren't they the cutest thing ever? heart

gif made by cristofle@LJ

I'm assuming you've all seen the premiere by now. I know I read some article a while ago that said there would be no P/O in the premiere... boy, was that WRONG. They were adorable all the way through. Plus? Peter yelling at the new agent was HOT. I already know she's gonna annoy me a lot, so I'll just go re-watch those scenes of Peter abusing her to cheer me up.

Here are some more gifs from the premiere, including Gene in a party hat! I love this show!
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20 Sep 2009Cute couple alert!
Categories: Real Life Shipping
Who knew these two were together? Not me, and not Ausiello either, it looks like! Anyway, they make a totally adorable couple (if a bit random)!

Here's some scoop from Ausiello:

I like to think of myself as a fairly plugged-in individual, but I have to admit I had no clue Friday Night Lights‘ Adrianne Palicki and Dollhouse’s Alan Tudyk were a couple. At least I had no clue until they strolled into Entertainment Weekly’s pre-Emmy party last night hand-in-hand. Well, good for them. And good for me since it meant I got two spoilery interviews for the price of one! Speaking of which, if you want to know when Tyra and Alpha are returning to FNL and Dollhouse respectively, there’s some embedded video with your name on it after the jump…

And here's the video of the two being interviewed!
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